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First time here !!! hahaha :P Date: Feb 23rd @ 3:57am EST
Hey guys! It's the first time i write to you here, so i'm a little nervous ! First of all i want to introduce myself : I'm Gavin Johnson but friends call me Gav , i'm 20 years old, i'm attending college and my major it's management, i'm bisexual, i prefer to be top but i don't mind being bottom if you suck it well hahaha :)) . I'm open to talk with you guys about your life story or everything else you want .I HATE the liars and fake people , soo if you want to come into my room to lie to me it's better to stay out. i'm here to know new hot guys and maybe ... have some fun ;) !!! Well if you read all this stuff about me i apreciate you and thank you for that. Maybe you will pay me a visit in my room to know each other much better ! Kisses guys, byeeee
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